We are committed to sustainable development, significantly reducing our environmental impact and advocating for change across our industry. Spartan Peripheral Devices’ aim is to ensure energy savings, resource conserving production, a high recycling ratio and the longevity of quality products.

Spartan has always placed great importance on day to day efficiency.  As of January 2018, we have committed to actively monitor our sustainability impact as a manufacturer. By implementing processes to monitor our energy consumption (natural gas and electricity) and recycled waste, we will be able to set concrete goals to reduce our environmental footprint.

With comprehensive advice, innovative products and an international service capability, we are able to make a significant contribution to energy efficiency and to drive cost savings derived from sustainable building concepts. Using high quality materials, our valve bodies are built to last a lifetime, reducing waste and enabling inline servicing for cost and energy saving.

We will continue to refine our activities and products with respect to sustainability, doing our part for future generations.

Following the EEB movement, Spartan believes and stands by the Right To Repair ideology.
Our products have been designed to be repairable from day one. All components are cross compatible and upgradable. The Spartan leadership team and engineering continue their commitment to this set standard in all future designs. 

In our goal of continuous improvement, in 2020, we got our ISO 9001:2015 certification

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