TBSPx700-SP01 Series_160321

TE256S  0-10Vdc Modulating
ECM Fan Coil Thermostat
With Fan Switch

24Vac, 0/2-10Vdc,  Range Dual Output Modulating, LCD Programmable Electronic Thermostat with fan switch.

Dual output 7 day programmable modulating proportional plus integral (P+I) 0/2-10 Vdc electronic room thermostat with digital
display and set point adjustment. It is suitable for controlling 6 port heating/cooling control valve and ECM variable speed fan in a fan coil unit,
accurately maintaining the room temperature with its P+I control loop.

Selectable between the following features

1. °F or °C Scale
2. DA or RA (Direct or reverse acting)
3. External or Internal sensor
4. 2-10Vdc or 0-10Vdc outputs
5. Minimum/Maximum fan speed
6. Energy saving input interface





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