TE256 Thermostat

TE226 24Vac

24Vac, On/Off LCD Electronic Thermostat

The TE226 controller for a Fan Coil Unit is specifically designed to control two On/Off valves in sequence for heating/cooling, and a variable airflow ECM fan. They are fully configurable, standalone, a whole week, 5-2, 5-1-1, or 7-Day programmable digital thermostats with optional energy saving input interface.




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Product Description

The thermostat measures the temperature of a room with an integral sensor or with
optional 10K external sensor, and then output On/Off signal to control heating and cooling
valves, and output 0-10Vdc signal to modulate fan speeds in a fan coil unit system to
maintain the room space at a desired set point temperature. The ECM variable airflow fan
speed will vary depending on heating or cooling load, and run continuously when set point
is reached delivering minimum CFM as preset by the contractor.
The thermostat features battery-backed real time clock providing separate programming 4
schedules and 4 timers for each day or periods of days of a week. The TE226 controller has
a large backlit LCD screen showing room temperature or set point, time, day, and related
status.The thermostat also has optional digital inputs for detection devices such as room
occupied/unoccupied detector to enhance energy savings.