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TE150H High Temperature
Range 24Vac
Modulating Dual Output

24Vac, 0/2-10Vdc,High Temperature range Dual Output Modulating, LCD Electronic Thermostat.

Dual output modulating proportional plus integral (P+I) 0/2-10 Vdc electronic room thermostat with digital
display and set point adjustment. It is suitable for controlling one heating and one cooling, two heating, or
two cooling modulating valves to accurately maintain the room temperature with its P+I control loop.

Selectable between the following features

1. °F or °C Scale
2. DA or RA (Direct or reverse acting)
3. External or Internal sensor
4. 2-10Vdc or 0-10Vdc outputs
5. Full or Limited set-point range
6. Single or Dual output
7. Choose one heating, one cooling output or two heating, two cooling output
8. High Temperature Range