Low cost ME8200 Wireless Actuator and TE8200 Wireless Thermostat

Low cost Wireless Room thermostat and actuator kits, easily programmable.

The TE8200 series wireless room thermostats, with its P+I control loops, proportionally controls Spartan’s ME8200 wireless valve (non-spring return FLP modulating) actuator.

The Wireless Room themostats can transmit up to 90ft (30m) in open space and can be easily controlled and set to the desired temperature via push buttons..

  • TE8200 – battery operated or 24V selected by internal switch

The ME8200 Wireless communication actuator utilizes a brushless, reversible synchronous A/C motor with constant torque and constant speed for accurate positioning over the full span of the valve travel with a unique, patented, non-spring return movement (having five robust moving parts) and has a life expectancy in excess of five hundred thousand cycles. The actuator requires a 24Va, 300mA power source.

This uncomplicated wireless kit is ideal for the plumbing contracting industry.




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