About Us

Spartan ManufacturingWith over sixty combined years of experience in control equipment and building automation, directors Doug McIntosh and Paul Balazovjech had acquired access to a line of control valves, actuators, thermostats and controls used in HVAC and building automation systems (BAS). In 1989, with the proliferation of building automation systems throughout North America it became obvious that a valuable niche market existed in peripheral devices for BAS contractors coast to coast. A separate company was formed and Spartan Peripheral Devices began distribution. Since then, sales and manufacturing have expanded to include OEM manufacturers of fan coil units, building automation accounts coast to coast and exports to China, the Far East, Europe and the U.K.

The name Spartan was selected for two reasons: a simple, reliable and no-nonsense approach; and “spartan“ control of energy in an increasingly energy-conscious world. Spartan Peripheral Devices is a company devoted to the supply of peripheral components only, with no connection or interest in competing in the BAS scene.

Over the last few years, the product line has changed as manufacturing in North America takes over from imports. Today the company has reversed the tide, becoming an exporter of goods and producing a superior yet competitively priced North American product.

Research and development is an ongoing priority and new products and increasing sales show the results. As always, Spartan production goals center around robust quality, reliability, value, user-friendly interface and innovation. Featured are `smart` cards for self-adjusting actuators, auto span and auto zero electronics, modulating thermostats to augment BAS systems, coupled with bulletins such as the Control Value Selection Guide, and Electronic Control Strategies for Fan Coil Unit Ventilators.

Spartan covers the full range:

– Compact globe type zone valves, fail safe or fail in last position, two position or modulating, two, three or four-
port versions. Electric, electronic (both gear and thermoelectric hot wax), pneumatic and self-acting formats.
– ½“ through 2“ screwed and 21/2“ flanged, globe control valves, two-way or three-way, available with pneumatic, electric and electronic actuators, normally open, normally closed or fail in last position.
– Intriguing thermostats, differential pressure regulators and actuators compliment the line, and prompt assistance, good deliveries and how-to-do-it reports back up the service.

For building owners, consulting mechanical engineers, OEM manufacturers of HVAC equipment, building automation system installers, wholesalers and stock distributors, Spartan Peripheral Devices has a viable option.